Saatse museum

On the first floor, you'll find two different exhibition spaces. The older exhibition tells the story of the Saatse area through various photos, items, stories, and film clips. In the other part of the building, there's the exhibition about borders, which was opened in 2022. This modern and interactive exhibition gives an overview of Setomaa's history in European context. The changing of local borders has left its mark on the people living here. Borders define, separate, and connect. Take your time and watch the film simultaneously displayed on two opposite walls, to explore the inner world of Seto people through the life story of one Seto woman. This touching animated film tells how historical events and changes in national borders in Setomaa have influenced and shaped the life and destiny of a simple Seto woman and, in reality, all Seto people.

When you visit Saatse Museum, plan some time for a nature walk: the museum is the starting point for a unique hiking trail that leads right along the Estonian-Russian border. Follow the signs to stay on the right path and in the right country! The pleasant pine forest and hilly terrain provide a nice change of scenery. The trail is just the right length, a little over a kilometer, making it suitable for younger or slower-paced hiking enthusiasts as well.